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Oh, anyone reading this?

Allow me to introduce myself. Hey, I'm Maggie. I have never once thought about starting a blog, but here we are, in a pandemic, and I have a 3 1/2 year old kid that I need to escape from. So blog basic bitch it is.

I am not sure what this space will be filled with, but I do promise that it will be truthful, sometimes funny, sometimes weird, sometimes sad...which basically sums up life right? The fact that I am sitting here writing this to myself seems to sum up what writing feels like sometimes. A lot of times it's just me, writing to me. So if another human being reads this ..thanks! Thats cool. If not...well ain't that how it goes.

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1 Comment

maggie wilkins
maggie wilkins
Dec 07, 2020

i can't wait to follow along. THANK YOU for starting this!

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